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Carnival Birch Vertical Blind
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Carnival Birch Vertical Blind

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Price in GBP

    How to Measure

    Blind Size

    When measuring for a blind that is going to be placed outside a recess, simply measure the area that you want the blind to cover. If there is an existing blind hanging up, then even better!  All you have to do is measure the width and the drop of this.

    How to measure for blinds - Outside recess


    Simply measure the recess from wall-to-wall using a metal tape measure and we will take care of the necessary deductions.

    How to measure for blinds - Inside recess

    Measuring Tips

    1. Take 3 measurements from different points to allow for slight variations in the window size


    2. Use a metal tape measure to ensure precise measurements


    3. Make a note of any objects around the recess and the window that could potentially obstruct the blind, such as window handles

    • Size
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    • Has the measurement been taken from:
      Please select whether the measurement has been taken from inside the window recess or of the blind.
    • Headrail Colour
    • Vertical Control ConfigView moreView less
      • Left Control / Left Stack
      • Right Control / Right Stack
      • Left Control / Split Stack
      • Right Control / Split Stack
    • Vertical Control TypeView moreView less
      • Wand Control
      • Cord & Chain Control
    • Vertical Fixing TypeView moreView less
      • Top Fix Bracket
      • Face Fix Bracket
      • Face Fix Extension Bracket
    • Vertical Slat FinishView moreView less
      • Standard Bottom Chain
      • Sealed Bottom Pockets (20% uplift)

    Prices from: £42.05

    incl. VAT

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