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Here at Capricorn Blinds we are proud to offer you some a great selection of of the best and unique latest motorised shading products available. We have select-edGathered some of the best and most useful innovative technologies from leading providers to help make your life that much little bit simpler. Over the recent years’ Motorised shading solutions technology hashave rapidly grownrapidly increased in popularity over the recent years and advanced, which also means day to day life has changed as well to keep up with the current time.thanks to simple to use solu-tions that you can easily incorporate into your home. Whether operated via remote, smart phone or voice assistant, we can help you find the perfect motorised shading solution to suit your life so you can easily stay in control from the comfort of your home or when you are on the move.
These straightforward yet amazing gadgets we have listed above solutions help to make life a little easier and provide the ultimate home comfort with motorised blinds and curtains, solutions, as well as integrateding technology for your smart home solutionsset up. Our intelligent shading systems are just one of many amaz-ing clever soluoptional extrastions for your home to help keep you in optimal com-fort no matter the situation. , as well as when you are at home or on the go. We also offer some useful and helpful tips and tricks on how to not only make your curtains and blinds automated and hands- free, but also how you can create but also be able to interact with other major home equipment brandsproducts to create the ulti-mate smart home set-up.
This is great because it helps you to control all the devices you own that are created by different companiesdifferent areas of your home such as lighting and home se-curity from into one small device. This includes companies products from leading brands such as:

Made by Amazon   Hitachi   Honeywell   Hue   IFTTT 

Homecontrol   Philips   Sonos   Velux   Z Wave


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