Battery Operated Curtain Track


Battery Operated Curtain Track

Quiet, rechargeable battery powered curtain track for the home.

The MD940 battery curtain track is easy to install and is designed specifically for the residential market. The track utilises the quiet DC motor technology and the self-lubricating design combined with the durable textile belt makes the system robust with a long life span.

The battery powered curtain rail system is completely autonomous of the mains supply which means the MD940 curtain track can be fitted almost anywhere within the home. With its Li-ion battery and low power consumption, the curtain track can be used in up to 500 operations between charges. The battery can either be charged in situ or can be removed from the motor and charged separately.

When you want some extra peace of mind when you are away from your home, you can utilise the Timer control option to have your curtains opened and closed at set times to simulate occupancy.  The curtains are operated via a wall switch or remote controls and also comes with innovative self-setting open and closed positions for the Touch Control functionality.

Thanks to its slimline design, the motor can be hidden from view behind the curtain fabric which makes the MD940 the ideal automated curtain system for homes.


  • Quiet, rechargeable battery motor
  • Can be used over 500 times between charging
  • Touch Control feature: gently pull the curtain to start the automated opening and closing function
  • Suitable for curved and bay windows
  • Full automatic setting of limits
  • Discreet motor hidden from view behind curtain fabric
  • Built-in radio receiver, switch and/or network control
  • Compatible with home automation and smart home systems


  • Curtain Motor System: MD940 Battery Powered
  • Motor Specification: Dimensions 240mm High x 60mm Wide x 50mm drop
  • Battery Voltage: 14.8 VDC
  • Max Track Length: 6m
  • Traversing Speed: 0.16 Per Second
  • Rated Torque: 0.6Nm


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