Solid Shutters


Solid Shutters

These amazing shutters are made from solid wood panels that cover the window entirely, perfect for Victorian and older properties to help insulate the home and add to the atmosphere of the building. They are also excellent for houses with single glazed windows for added protection. Solid shutters are particularly suited for bedrooms if you have trouble sleeping as it keeps the room dark and insulated but is also an excellent option for keeping your home cool in summer and warm during the winter months. Using solid shutters is a great way to have an easy to use, simple shutter, that insulates the room properly and efficiently, helping you save on that energy bill, as well as helping with noise control. Some could say that with their simplicity that these are a perfect option for the home. They’re either open or closed. If you are stuck on choice, then go for the simple durable option of a high-quality solid shutter.

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  • Very insulating
  • Great for noise reduction
  • Added security
  • Good for those who have trouble sleeping
  • Adds to the décor of older properties
  • Available in our wood ranges
  • Insulation and Noise control
  • Adds character to Victorian properties


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