Zip® Blinds


The sleek and modern blind comes with a host of features, which include heat control, light control, insect screens, dim-out and much more!

The thing that makes this system stand out is SHY®’s specially designed zipper ribbon, which is welded onto the edges of the fabric of the blind to create a heavy-duty flat connection. The SHY® blind range also comes with several motorisation options which can help with waking you up naturally in the morning, are child safe and are perfect for hard to reach areas.

Thanks to the systems tight locking capabilities, it is very energy efficient; over 8 times more efficient to be exact. They also come with an excellent light seal, which helps to reduce the light gaps around the blind. But that’s not all! When the blind is lowered completely, the air that ends up trapped between the fabric and glazing works as an aid to reduce the noise coming through, making it work almost like double glazing. If that isn’t enough, the SHY® blinds have wind-resistant capabilities unrivalled by most other systems. This blind can even be used as a room divider, helping to provide privacy and security.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient blind with superb energy-efficient capabilities, then look no further as the Zip® blind range is the perfect choice for you.

  • Applications include dim-out, shading, light control, heat control and more
  • Offers excellent light seal
  • Saves energy 8.8 times more effective than a standard Roller blind
  • Can be used to reduce noise in a similar way to double glazing.
  • Offers excellent wind resistance

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