Obscura Blinds


Obscura Blinds

Obscura blinds may seem like your normal run of the mill Roller blinds, but they are actually the complete opposite. These heavy-duty blinds can come with up to a 70 square meter coverage, that’s massive! Not only that, but the Obscura system can be installed on dozens of different tilting, sloping, vertical windows, atria and roof lights, shaped glazing and can even be used in curved areas.

Whatever fabric is used, Obscura blinds by SHY offer 9 roller barrels that come in diameters from 33mm up to 160mm. Each one helps make sure that your blind runs at maximum potential. Is that not enough to sate your needs? Well, Obscura blinds can even be pulled sideways or upwards!
Operation wise, Obscura blinds can be operated several ways, which include a crank, a side chain operation, or can be motorized if need be.

painted to almost any colour you desire.
So why should you pick Obscura blinds? Well if their flexibility and heavy-duty abilities aren’t enough, then maybe the fact that they can be used for glare and heat control, room and space dividers, projection screens in offices and use as a home cinema will make it a done deal that you get yourself an Obscura blind for your home.

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