Shaped Blinds


Shaped Blinds

Do you have a uniquely shaped window? Struggling to find a blind to fit it? Look no further! We specialise in shaped blinds for when a custom solution is required. You can have nearly any shape, angle and size created to fit your unique window. With the option of either vertical or venetian blinds, you can find the perfect blind for your window, made bespoke to order. Whatever the shape, the window can be dressed to enhance its look and provide shading and privacy without losing their essential design.

Shaped Vertical Blinds

Make your window a talking point with a stylish and bespoke shaped vertical blind. With many designs and styles available, you can make them go with any theme. This superb system comes with built-in safety features and has an optional wand control system for added peace of mind and for a tidy appearance.

Shaped Venetian Blinds

Choose between our selection of gorgeous wooden slats or stunning aluminium slats to complement your unique window. The aluminium venetian slats come with a gorgeous colour pallet which ranges from metallic sheens to wood grained effects as well as patterned. Our wooden and high quality imitation wood blinds are available in a selection of natural wood grain and painted finishes to suit your style.

Arched Vertical Blinds

If you have an arched window or door you are looking to dress, then getting a bespoke arched vertical blind would be a fantastic option for your home. Not only do they look stylish, but they fit in well with any exiting themes thanks to the abundance of style options and are super easy to operate.

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