Sloped Vertical Blinds


Spruce up your home

Do you have a sloped window that needs covering? Well then be sure to get your bespoke made to order sloped Vertical blind to cover it! Sloped windows look beautiful and make your home stand out, so why not make it stand out more with a gorgeous sloped Vertical blind to cover it.

Sloped Vertical Blinds, with their unique design, use articulated hangers which are designed to hold the vanes straight and facing the floor, no matter the angle of your window. We also make sure that even with the different lengths of the vales, the drop is equal to all of them. The vanes that we use to create our stunning sloped Vertical blinds are made from any of our 89mm vertical blind fabric material.

So how does this amazing system work? Well, there is a lot of things that go into making this great system so efficient. The vanes will go to the taller side as to avoid any of the vanes dragging across the floor. The drop can be a minimum of 30cm at the shorter end, and up to 290cm long on the taller side. Lengthwise the blinds can be up to 290cm.

The Sloped Vertical blind comes with everything needed including:

Sloping headrail, brackets, vanes, bottom weights, bottom link chain and top hangers.

Call our friendly showroom team now on 0121 772 5366 or email us at   for a no obligation quote. We also offer a free of charge measure and installation service around the Birmingham area.


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