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Somfy Tahoma

Somfy’s TaHoma smart home hub can automate and control of a wide range of devices – not just your blinds and curtains.
Its key benefit of the Connexxoon hub is that it has out-of-the-box integration to Alexa and IFTTT, enabling you to interact with other smart home products with ease and with endless possibilities.

TaHoma can be used with over 100 compatible items of equipment that you can connect to your box, including motors, sensors, detectors, cameras, thermostats, lighting and more. TaHoma® is also compatible with major home equipment brands, including Velux for roof windows, Honeywell and more.

Thanks to radio technology, this wireless system can be installed with ease and connects to all the equipment you have already installed.

– Control all compatible devices. Individually or in groups.
– Provide a realtime display of the status of equipment: open or closed, on or off.
– With the camera, you can monitor your home remotely.

My scenarios
– Create scenarios to manage several home devices simultaneously (for instance, the “going out” scenario, which closes all blinds and roof windows, and switches off all the lights).
– Activate your scenarios manually.

My week
– Create a day, with scenarios which start to run at the selected time (up to 20 days possible).
– Program a week with different days (e.g.: “work” day and “weekend” day).

My sensors
– Combine scenarios with sensors: sunlight, temperature, opening, smoke or presence.
– Program sending an e-mail, if the sensors detect an incident.

The TaHoma® Box radically simplifies control in the house
– Easily control your home whether you’re home or away with the TaHoma® interface.
– You customize your smart home, at any time, so you stay in control.

Somfy wireless smart home system, TaHoma compatible with any configuration: newbuild or renovation.
– It is easy to install without major structural work, whatever your project.

Somfy smart home system, TaHoma, adapts as your needs and your budget change.
– You can add new devices to your installation whenever you want.

TaHoma® ensures compatibility with the industry standard protocols including,
– RTS®, RTD®, io-homecontrol®, Honeywell, Zwave + more


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